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Our ground breaking digital platform upskills, develops & coaches all your employees 24/7

Imagine if you and ALL your people always had exactly the skills, knowledge, insights and advice that you needed EXACTLY when you needed them – instantly available 24/7 and proactively brought to you in a format that suits your mood, situation and preferred learning style. This could be a short video, a specialist article, an automated coaching intervention or maybe a set of succinct one liner top tips, each hyperlinked through to more detail.

All integrated with a bespoke personal and business development plan that dynamically develops you (& them) to become the best you can be.

Inspiring your people, boosting business performance, positively addressing under performance, managing conflict, mindfulness and reducing stress whilst improving life/work balance.

Imagine if your employees were deeply engaged and passionate about your business, striving to innovate and delight your customers everyday and proactively recommending it as great place to work – because of how you and your management help them and their family and a charity of their choice to achieve and celebrate more success with less stress.

Well you don’t have to imagine it – thanks to the groundbreaking new solution called TOTAL Company Coaching. It gives…

  • Coaching for everyone.
  • Training that works.
  • Way beyond e-learning.

“The blended new skills, insights and coaching within this system are very powerful and have repeatedly helped me and my business be more successful. I recommend you take it for a test drive.”

Graham Payne – CEO MBNL

“Peter’s unique combination of business and psychology skills & experience enables him to achieve phenomenal results – which he has done consistently.”

Jeff Randall – Chief Sky and BBC Business Editor

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About Peter Ryding – Founder of Vic your Virtual Interactive Coach

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