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About Us

Our founder’s background as an award winning serial CEO, top executive coach, and a champion of both technology and life long learning has underpinned the vision of the ground breaking TOTAL Company Coaching digital platform.

About Peter Ryding – Founder of the DOIT Success System

Throughout his career he has boosted performance within companies such as Esso and Mars and venture capital backed SMEs. His people centric approach to leadership and the creation of coaching based cultures has consistently delivered increased employee engagement, staff loyalty, innovation, customer satisfaction, sales and so productivity, profit and shareholder value – even in extreme turnaround situations.

As the CEO of John Cleese’s Video Arts International he discovered what makes e-learning work including the importance of interesting bite sized learning that can be easily digested one minute and applied the next.

Using his technical knowledge (from programmer to Global CIO and CEO of hi-tech businesses) he then explored how the proven power of coaching can be delivered without needing a live face to face coach. Because automated self coaching processes would allow everyone throughout an organisation to enjoy the benefits of coaching without the expense that is normally only viable for the bosses.

In other words by taking tried and tested coaching conversations used by coaches with a client, and initially turning them into a paper form to be filled out by the client before or during a face to face meeting. Then by adding a video introduction, and turning the paper form into an electronic interactive form the client could still benefit from the same coaching intervention, although without the need and cost of the live coach.

35 coaching interventions have already been “automated” in this way. Every thing from how to save time, how to assess the stress in your life, how to build deep inner self belief, how to take tough decisions and even how to understand how others see you – and what you can do about it!

Each one is a proven and powerful intervention that is now available to everyone – not just top executives.

Other technical innovations include the “WOW!” feature – so named because that is what members say when they use it. Because they get taken straight to exactly the content they most need right then – without even having to ask for it. Because our clever “Psych-Technology” ® dynamically works out what they want, proactively finds it and then takes them to it.

And these are just some of the innovations within TOTAL Company Coaching that takes it way beyond old style e-learning into what we call “e-solutions”.

To see for yourself how the system can help you and your people please watch the demo video below and then take it for a “test drive”.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help 20 million people across 20 countries by the year 2020, achieve and celebrate more success with less stress.

To help us achieve it, and as a win win for employees we provide a free matching membership to the family of every paid up member. So they can enjoy the same benefits as the member, in their careers and private lives. Another element of building employee engagement.

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