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Beyond e-learning

Do your employees relish using e-learning? Probably not.

It has so often over promised and under delivered with low appeal and even lower utilisation.

TCC breaks new ground by going way beyond e-learning and delivering e-competence, e-passion and e-results! It transforms “e-learning” into “e-solutions”.

TCC delivers capability not just skills. Instant 24/7 access to world-class knowledge, skills, insights and advice that you can discover one minute and apply the next.

It’s focussed, flexible and fascinating. You can even understand your preferred learning style and explore content in your preferred format (video, article or interactive self-coaching interventions) that best suits you and your current situation.

Bespoke personal “Discovery Plans” can be automatically generated and “Psych-Tech” algorithms and the “Proactive Programme” features ensure the content you need most is dynamically delivered to you exactly when you need it.

Hundreds of topics and thousands of knowledge nuggets reveal core business skills and broader skills for life. Optional exams, certificates and learning medals make learning fun and all content is CPD rated for annual certification and personal pride.

That’s why TOTAL Company Coaching goes way beyond e-learning and gives YOU and your people “e-solutions”, 24/7, from ANYWHERE in the world.

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