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Coaching for all

At last! Coaching for everyone!

The Harvard Business Review found a 600% “hard” ROI for coaching. Yet coaches reported the softer benefits were even more valuable.

So, are you frustrated that despite these proven benefits, coaching is just too expensive for widespread use and is not available instantly when you most need it.

Not any more!

TCC delivers 80% of the benefits of traditional coaching (plus brand new ones) at a fraction of the cost – and it’s always available 24/7.

Just imagine giving the world’s most powerful coaching interventions to EVERYONE in your business.

You see, TCC gives every employee their own “coach in their pocket” and instant access to the very best advice from world class leaders, top business coaches, personal development gurus and psychologists. In other words – “Success at your fingertips”.

And it provides bespoke Development Plans and multi-media learning through fascinating videos, illustrated articles and interactive self-coaching interventions.

And by reaching your TOTAL workforce, TCC gives you the power to leverage the knowledge, skills and cultural values you need across your entire organisation. Plus powerful analytics to keep you informed of usage, trends and the value it has actually added.

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