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Strategy to Action description

Benefits of the workshop

If you want to transform any aspect of your organisation, this ground breaking workshop is for you. This could be profit, culture, productivity, employee engagement, customer engagement, innovation or all of the above and more! Or maybe to deliver a big project that has lost momentum or become stuck.

It ALWAYS delivers phenomenal outputs that inspires leaders and their teams, delights customers and shareholders and terrifies competition. It’s multiplied the profit growth of mature businesses many times over, rescued struggling multi-billion pound technology projects, and increased the value of small and mid sized businesses by over 1,000% in under 3 years. In total it’s created many 100s of million pounds of value for shareholders of family owned SMEs, VC backed businesses and international PLCs.

This unique workshop is a dynamic and highly interactive experience that uses the powerful DOIT methodology, multi-media presentations and Peter Ryding’s experience as a serial CEO, top executive coach, award winning profit improvement specialist and expert facilitator. It also introduces powerful insights and little known secrets of success that consistently surprise, entertain and inform the attendees. And whilst every workshop is customized for each client, the underlying process has been honed over many years and is tried, tested and proven to work.

Which is why our many repeat clients consistently say “DOIT ALWAYS and ONLY works.”  And our money back guarantee has NEVER been requested since we introduced it in 1999.

Client feedback

Over 95% of attendees rate the outputs of the workshop as 10 out of 10 or higher (yes we get the odd 11 out of 10!) and the remainder score it 9 out of 10. They also rate their readiness and confidence for moving forward as many times higher (usually 4-6 times) higher than before the workshop. (Measuring this is part of the process)

The process is so strong and proven that the workshop can be run with NO previous preparation although some pre-meetings and preparation do help.

Outputs of the workshop

The outputs of a DOIT “Strategy to Action” workshop include:-
1 A detailed and inspiring vision of how you want your organisation to be in the future.
2 A break through strategy and a clear action plan to deliver it that becomes a springboard for outstanding future success.
3 An excited and confident top team who have grown as individuals and as a collaborative unit with a totally clear focus upon what they must do to make it happen.
4 It introduces powerful insights and little known secrets of success that consistently surprise, entertain and inform the attendees. And include fun and fascinating facts along the way to take back to your office – and to your family!

And everything in the workshop is fully integrated with the DOIT Success System –

“Dedicated to helping you, your team and your family achieve more success with less stress.”

Workshop follow up support

The DOIT Strategy to Action Workshop will give you and your organisation immense clarity for the future and a strategy and action plan to deliver it.
However, as we all know even a great strategy is worthless without it being well implemented.
At DOIT International we have many years of experience and expertise in this aspect of transformation. We know that if you and your team follow the DOIT Implementation Process you will achieve your goals. However with increasing levels of stress, lack of time and other challenges of every day business we know that sometimes you might need our specialist help. We’ve seen it all before and know how to establish the necessary disciplines and mind sets, how to engage your workforce and so achieve your objectives.
We can provide this help to you via a number of specialist services developed and honed over the years to help clients achieve phenomenal results despite everything else going on around them.
So if you want help with…

Regular DOIT Project Review meetings
to kick start your transformation and so get serious traction right from the start and then continue to build the momentum. We can help.

Planning and delivering a launch
event that grabs the imagination and engagement of your workforce and other key stakeholders and inspires them to buy into the vision and play an active and positive role in making it happen. We can help.

1 to 1 coaching and mentoring
to accelerate your personal development as an inspiring leader and to help you and your team operate at a much higher level of personal productivity whilst also managing your life work balance. We can help.

Team Building
to make you and your top team a role model of collaboration, effectiveness and high trust teamworking. We can help.

Recruitment of interim or permanent people
to provide short term manpower, to plug gaps or to complete your team so that it will achieve your stretch goals. We can help.


“The DOIT Strategy to Action Workshop led to an increase of over £50m in value in just 18 months.” Neil Taylor, Operations Director, (200+ retail stores)

“I have used this workshop in many different situations and I can honestly say it always and only works!” Stephen Spencer (Director Tiffany & Apple Inc)

“The workshop was undoubtedly the best management workshop I have ever experienced in my 30 year career.” Robin Cave (City CEO)

“Every time I use the DOIT workshop it delivers outstanding results. That’s why I recommend it to anyone.” Graham Payne (CEO MBNL)

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