“Peter’s unique combination of business and psychology skills & experience enables him to achieve phenomenal results – which he has done consistently.”

Jeff Randall jeoff randals
Chief Sky and BBC Business Editor

“I was sceptical at first but decided to give it a go. I found Peter’s insight into the dynamics of a company that he didn’t know to be amazing.

Peter quickly became a confidant who I could trust to give an open and very honest assessment of my strengths and weakness, advice on how a CEO needs to position himself and insight into the challenges both current and yet to be encountered.

Peter’s sound advice on how to resolve issues at the board and management level, how to implement these changes, mentoring on how to build relationships and drive focus in the company were excellent.

The result was and increased confidence and a sharper focus on what can really make a difference to the business. The business doubled revenue every year went on to become number one in the world with a 35% plus market share and culminated in being acquired by Motorola. I have no reservations recommending Peter as a CEO or Board coach. My only regret is that I didn’t use his services more!”

Philip Bolt

CEO and President, Orthogon Systems (Motorola)

“Reading Peter’s book “Houston we MAY have a problem” could be the best 30 minutes of your career – and save you a lot more than just your job!”

Lord Digby Joneslord digby jones

(Ex Director General of CBI)

“Peter blows away the fog and I come out fired up and ready to do whatever needs to be done”

Simon Bennet
Simon Bennet
MD Qinetiq plc

“I have used Peter’s services in many different situations and businesses and discovered that it never fails to bring powerful insights and phenomenal profit growth.”

Steve Spencersteve spencer
Director at Apple, HMV, Tiffany

“Peter has the technical qualification, experience and personality with which to provide the highest quality coaching to senior executives in circumstances of both normal and under performance. I can personally highly recommend Peter Ryding for his professional coaching and mentoring skills at the highest level”

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 10.16.32Nick Ferguson

Serial CEO

“Peter and his DOIT approach transformed our mindset and productivity and resulted in a phenomenal success story.”

Brian Moore O’FerrallBrian

Director of British Telecom

“DOIT made us rethink how we were working together. Then with Peter’s help we turned around a multi-billion pound project that had been struggling for two years and, incredibly, delivered it to the original schedule. That is the power of DOIT. ”

Graham Payne graham payne

“We quadrupled our profit in less than 3 years thanks to Peter and his DOIT approach.”

Stewart Blake  Stewart blake

CEO Global Reach Partners

“Peter is an endless source of fascinating facts, relevant business stories and deep insights to human behaviour. And then he asks the question at the nub of the issue – the one that makes you think – the tough one. The one that makes all the difference. And with the answer everything else becomes clear. That’s Peter. By working with Peter I’ve learnt so much about me, how I can become a better leader and how to drive a business forward. So if you have the chance to work with him – grab the opportunity.”

Steve Spencersteve spencer
Director at Apple, HMV, Tiffany

“The most valuable contribution that Peter has made to me revolves around the issue of inner confidence. Even the most externally robust individuals, and most people would count me as one of those, can find ourselves in challenging and uncomfortable situations that can lead to self doubt, particularly when you are being stretched hard or under attack, as I have been. Peter’s wide business experience, blended with a tremendous insight into the psychology of human behaviour, proved to be a remarkably effective combination. I would not hesitate to recommend his services to anyone”

Jackie Ballard
Jackie ballard
Director General RSPCA & Member of Parliament

“The DOIT workshop and Peter’s great experience and knowledge had an immediate impact upon the project and within one month we had relaunched the entire project to over 2,000 people with an uplift in morale and motivation which has continued through to this day.”

Brian Moore O’Ferrall Brian
Director of British Telecom

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