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Training that works

Training that works for you and your company

We all need to keep learning to keep earning – yet traditional training disrupts operations and over 90% is forgotten in less than 90 days. It’s costly and frequently ineffective.

With TCC’s advanced “embedded learning” you can reverse this statistic to recall 90% even after 90 days – although you don’t need to remember anything because it’s always available, 24/7, in just 1 or 2 clicks.

TCC upskills, empowers and engages employees. It boosts your business and helps you attract and retain the key talent you need.

Content is split into 20 categories such as Inspiring Leadership, Revenue Generation, Habits of Success, Employee Engagement and Stress Management. Each category has 10 programmes lasting 2 hours each, split into easily digestible 8 minute steps.

The multi-media format uses video, articles, top tips and automated coaching interventions to match your mood and learning preference and to keep you motivated.

You can quickly assemble your own bespoke personal development “Discovery Plan” and then friendly reminders keep you on track. And “Discovery Hours” boost your progress even faster.

Our unique “Psych-Tech” deep insight feature dynamically brings you content matched exactly to your business and personal priorities and in your preferred format. So even without actively using the system, you still keep learning and developing.

And when a manager at any level, right up to the CEO, wants all their people to watch and discuss a video or article they can do it easily and quickly – with progress monitoring and automated colour-coded analysis of feedback.

And all this is instantly accessible via any PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone from anywhere in the world.

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